Monthly Archives: June 2006

Distributed Systems Engineering at Amazon

Interesting to note Amazon have set up a site for their Distributed Systems Engineering team. I would imagine that these guys report to Werner Vogels – shame he has stopped writing so much following his move to Amazon. Werner outlines some of the stuff that I would imagine this team is working on.

The site is fairly basic at the moment but has some job listings (hint: knowing this might help getting a job there….)

Shame there is no RSS feed …….

Jini sub projects on

As part of the (proposed) migration of Jini to the Apache Foundation, many members of the Jini community have been focussing on getting the infrastructure in place to manage the many sub projects that spring up around the main Jini core.

Gregg Wonderly has taken responsibility for setting up a Jini project site at The idea is to provide a “home” for anyone with a Jini related project (outisde of the main Jini development which will be taking place on Gregg has just announced that the site is set up and is ready for business!

Several of the sub projects from have already been moved over to the new site. Things are looking good!