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June 30 2007

June 26 2007

  • Amazon EC2 and S3 disaster planning
    More on the Amazon SLA discussion. Artur reckons someone should compete with Amazon – I agree – competion is good. A (VERY) tongue in cheek suggestion: as this competition will be a start up, why not bootstrap it using S3 and EC2? If it takes off then you can afford to do your own thing, if it doesn’t then who cares – you don’t own the hardware.
  • CFengine
    Must be going senile – never heard of CFEngine before and it seems to have been around for a while.
  • Ubuntu bug number one

June 21 2007

Automatic feed placements for Bloglines?

Here is an idea for why don’t they provide the ability to display my available blogs ordered by the number of times I click on the blog feed link? They should already know how often I click a particular blog to read it. The more I read it, the higher up my list of blogs it goes. That way I don’t have to manually try and order my blogfeeds (which is a COMPLETE pain in the bum).