Daily Links: p2p insurance, a driver and “ethics”

  • Hey Guevara – peer to peer insurance. Just like it used to be in the old days of the Lloyds first coffee house. Shame the site is a bit too hipsterish for me: lots of cool UI, just a shame it doesn’t show me what I want to know straight away. The typo’s all over the place aren’t great either. That said, I LOVE the concept!
  • British Grand Prix: It was a really tough day – Susie Wolff – great to see Susie Wolff being given the chance to have a go in an F1 session. Real shame the car had issues.
  • Research ethics – couldn’t have put it better myself. I don’t have a facebook account because I made the decision, years ago, that I did not want someone else to curate my feeds for me. I find it genuinely astounding that people don’t realise that “their” facebook (or pretty much any other site) is being manipulated on a daily basis for a multitude of reasons.

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