Daily links for the end of the week.

  • Founder Confidence

    “Unfortunately for entrepreneurs, the market doesn’t reset next season. The place you sit and the trajectory you are on, can be very, very difficult to change. Shifting expectations from winning to justifying your place in the market, rarely re-instills confidence.”

    That applies to everyone!

  • Q: Why are banks organised in product silos? A: McKinsey
  • Reasoning, responsibility and run off

    “For my money, Circuit Paul Ricard has had things right for the last decade. High abrasion run-off. But take it up a notch. Coat the run-off areas in such a high abrasion surface that it will not cause punctures or deflation, but will scrub enough rubber off as to ruin that set of tyres. Put a wheel off, let alone all four, and you’ve got to come in and get them changed.

    No more keeping your foot in. No more making up positions. No more taking just a few inches more than you should. Keep it on track, inside the white lines.”

    This applies to more than just F1. The environment you set up (whether physical or otherwise) governs what people will do. As Clinton/Deming would (sorta) say: “It is the system, stupid.”

  • Exacto demonstrates first ever guided .50 calibre bullets – remote control bullets from DARPA!
  • Everyone is obviously right – you have to look at this. I am obviously right.
  • Wolfram Programming Cloud
  • What qualities make a good startup engineer – the first line is important:

    “Not every good engineer makes a good startup engineer.”

    I guess that will be counter-intuitive to many, especially those who simply see “resources” instead of “people” and who think engineers are fungible.

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