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Daily Links – 3rd July 2014

  • Putting teeth in our public cloud – building out OnMetal @ Rackspace.
  • Challenges in Designing at Scale: Formal Methods in Building Robust Distributed Systems – I think it is the law to post anything James Hamilton puts out!
  • Use of Formal Methods at Amazon Web Services – the stuff that James is talking about in the previous link.
  • The Scientific Problem That Must Be Experienced – turbulence.

    “This transition to turbulence doesn’t happen at the same flow speed for all fluids—more viscous ones can be “kept in line” at higher speeds than runny ones. For flow down a channel or pipe, a quantity called the Reynolds number determines when turbulence appears. Roughly speaking, this encodes the ratio of the flow speed to the viscosity of the fluid. Turbulence develops at high values of the Reynolds number.”

    What is the equivalent concept to viscosity in the product development “flow”? Is there one? If you can find an organisational construct that allows product and engineering teams to be more “viscous” then does that mean that they will have a higher flow (i.e. product delivery) rate?