Transylvania JUG

Gabi and the Java developers at our development centre in Cluj Napoca have just set up the Transylvania Java User Group. The project site is here and a Google Group is available here.

They are holding their first meeting next Wednesday (21 May). The topic is : “Introduction to SpringSource Application Platform” and the event is registered here. We are hosting it at our offices:

Str Somesului 2-12
Cluj Napoca.

Sign up and come along!

Csaba has even created a logo.

Transylvania User Group

How cool does Duke look there! I bet this has got to be one of the best JUG logos around!


Steve Vinoski talking about reliability (in particular my favourite: Erlang)

To achieve reliability, you have to accept the fact that failure will occur, Once you accept that, then other things fall into place: you need to be able to restart things quickly, and to do that, processes need to be cheap. If something fails, you don’t want it taking everything else with it, so you need to at least minimize, if not eliminate, sharing, which leads you to message passing. You also need monitoring capabilities that can detect failed processes and restart them

Amen to that!

18 Jan 2008