July 8 2007

  • Reading references
    Some references from Werner Vogels. VERY interested to see that Werner Vogels was suggesting Steve Grand‘s book “Creation: Life and How to Make it“. I truly believe that biological approaches to system development are what we are going to need to take us beyond the next level of systems development and I am heartened that someone like Werner is pushing this book. Go and buy it!
  • Seattle Scalability Conference: Amazon on Data Storage
    Dan’s feedback on the some of the Google Scalability conference. Gotta love the biology!
  • Seattle Conference on Scalability videos
    Some more links to the conference, via StorageMojo.
  • The iPhone’s headphone jack and world domination
    Take a commodity product – headphones – make sure your product doesn’t quite work with it and then get everyone to change the commodity product to fit your requirements, increasing your branding and marketing power in the process. Normally I would say this was a crazy idea but I can see it working with all the hype at the moment – who knows..

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